Formatting Text: Bold and Italicized

Write an attention-getter: It should cover why your topic is important. In our case, why is bold text even necessary.

Have you ever wanted to know how web developers _________________[describe some effect seen on web pages]? The secret is the _________________ element/property. Here’s how you do it…

Sample Output


<p><b>malleable</b>: easily influenced</p>
<p>“Memory is so <i>malleable</i> or 
volatile that each time we see something, 
the memory is actually influenced and 
re-created.”(Washington Times (Oct 18, 2014))  

Today, I worked on the CodeHS chapter titled, _________________. The lesson was about _________________. 

The key ingredient to _________________ is the _________________ element/property.

There are _________________ main elements need to create a _________________. They are as follows:

  • _________________ [code snippet]
  • _________________[code snippet]

Here’s an example of how I put it all together:

___________________________________________________ [add longer code snippet (multiple lines)]

Styling Images using the box model

Introduction goes here. In class, we created a web page that has a ______________ and styles it by ______________ , putting a border around it that is ______________ , and ______________ .


For the HTML, we began with the ______________ element that displays the ______________ . After that we include the ______________ tag with the following tags nested inside: ______________ and ______________ (see CodePen below).


In order to style our figure, we added the properties: ______________ , which affects the ______________ , ______________ , which goes between ______________ and ______________ .

We also added the ______________ property, which adds ______________ to the figure.

border-radius: 10px 10px 0 0;

You can see the results below:

The Results